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St. Bernards Leading and Emerging African American Professionals (LEAAP)

Our mission is to provide Christ-like mentorship, networking, and community involvement experiences to recruit, retain, connect, and increase the visibility and professional development of African American employees within St. Bernards.

How do we accomplish this mission?

  • Creating an environment for open and honest dialogue
  • Promoting social and intellectual enrichment
  • Serving as mentors and role models
  • Hosting group meeting and activities
  • Connecting with other like minded affinity groups
  • Identifying and minimizing health disparities

LEAAP is the first affinity group at St. Bernards. Affinity groups like LEAAP are a group of people with common interests, backgrounds and experiences that come together to support each other. Affinity groups add versatility, variety and inclusiveness to their organizations.

St. Bernards LEAAP hosts a Staying Alive series, which offers health screenings, education and other opportunities for the community. To learn more about these events, please visit the St. Bernards Calendar of Events

To learn more about LEAAP, please contact the St. Bernards Human Resources department at 870.207.1600 or email leaap@sbrmc.org

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LEAAP volunteer 2


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