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Management Team

*Paul Pickens - Director
870-207-7701 prpickens@sbrmc.org

*Norm Judd - Medical Fitness Manager
870-207-7777 njudd@sbrmc.org

*Pat Farmer - Sales & Marketing Coordinator
870-207-7778 plfarmer@sbrmc.org

*Melanie Fires - Aquatics Coordinator/Billing Coordinator AFPC,
870-207-7779 mlfires@sbrmc.org

*Hunter Saffell - Sports Performance Training Director/Personal Trainer, ACTION, CSAC, USZW-L1SP
870-243-5745 hlsaffell@sbrmc.org

*Karen Pearson - Customer Service/Kids Club Coordinator
870-207-7711 klpearson@sbrmc.org

Personal Trainers 
Toni Inboden - Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor

Lane Thielemier - Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor

Leslie Wester - Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Rock Steady Boxing

Nancy Owens - Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor,  Pritikin Coordinator 

Trent Edwards - Personal Trainer 

Evan Sanders - Personal Trainer, Group Fitness

Kara Fowler - Personal Trainer, Group Fitness


Group Exercise Instructors 

Alisa Spence - Yoga

Barbara Armstrong - SilverSneakers

Beth Greer - Spin

Bethany Davis - Yoga

Bonnie Delancy - Group Fitness/Rock Steady Boxing

Crystal Poole - Spin

Fariss Maners - Spin

Julie Morrow - Yoga

Kelly Wheatley - Spin

Mary Dawn Marshall - Group Fitness

Nikki Shannon - Spin

Nancy Owens - Zumba

Sarah Stringer - Zumba